Refund Policy

We strive to develop a trusting relationship with our customers.

While completing your order we have several independent procedures that can influence the type of refund you can get. Due to this process the Money back policy is divided into two sections.

1) Before you approve the completed draft

  • You accidentally made double payment while placing the order.
  • We didn’t manage to assign the writer.
  • We sent you a Confirmation email. You will receive a confirmation email right after the writer will be assigned. In case you would like to cancel or refuse the order at this point, the amount of refund will be 70%.
  • Late delivery. If due to some conditions the paper was delivered to you later than was stated in the original deadline, the total price will be recalculated according to new deadline.
  • Not satisfied with the quality. If you are not satisfied with paper that the writer has completed for you, you have to provide strong reasons, examples and prove to claim for the refund. Each case is reviewed separately; the decision concerning compensation is taken after the careful consideration of each point of the problem.

Sometimes it may happen that the quality of the paper doesn’t meet your expectations. The reason might be that you ordered lower academic level than was actually required. In any case, you can request a FREE revision if you are not satisfied.

2) After you’ve accepted the order

After you’ve approved you cannot be refunded more than 50% of the price you have paid, as you take part of the responsibility upon yourself by confirming that you approve the paper.

The exact percentage of the refund depends on the grade that you have received for your paper.

  • ‘B’ 10%
  • ‘C’ 20%
  • ‘D’ 30%
  • ‘F’ 50%

In case of dispute between you and the writer about the low grade or plagiarism, you must submit the photo copy of the marked paper with apparent professor’s comments as the verification of your grade.

Notice: The refund will not be issued if the request will be sent later than in 30 days after the order was approved. And the dispute will be automatically closed if you fail to respond to administrator’s or writer’s note within 3 weeks.

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