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Naturally, AcerEssays.com is not the only freelance writing company out there that provides professional writing services to clients. In actuality, there are several similar establishments which also proclaim themselves to be the best. However, we will give you solid reasons why you should pick us to serve you.


  1. Professional experience

All our academic writers at AcerEssays.com are carefully vetted and selected based on their professionalism and their writing experience. This indicates that we are all adequately qualified to serve you efficiently and effectively.


  1. 24-hour operation

We at AcerEssays.com are ready to serve you on a 24-hour basis. While virtually all other companies operate in a similar manner, we are quick to respond and can work on your most urgent orders regardless of the time.


  1. Timely delivery

Deadlines are a significantly important concept to the company. Essentially, we deliver your orders right on time in order to avoid getting you in trouble with your tutors/instructors. We understand that the life of a student is largely about meeting deadlines and therefore we strive to help you in that by keeping time as well.


  1. Originality

We comprehend the dire implications that plagiarism may have on a student’s life. It is not just about the money with us; we want you to deliver original quality work in class. Importantly, once the client pays for the order the writer automatically renounces all his/her claims to ownership. Therefore, our clients do not need to worry about encountering the paper elsewhere.


  1. Affordability

Here at AcerEssays.com we understand that our clients are mostly students with barely any source of income except for their parents/guardians’ pockets which definitely do not provide allowances for written papers. Therefore, our prices are fair and designed for the pockets of a student.


  1. Adherence to client’s instructions

Our writers do not endeavor to adjust client instructions while writing papers. All essays are tailored to the instructions provided by the specific client. In essence, you get what you ask for.

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